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/Who Am I

Welcome to my world! We all have a story to tell and share, and I’m not an exception. For thirty years I have been cumulating life experiences in harmony with my artistic dreams. Some of my paths have been twisty and difficult. But I know there is always a gift I receive from life. My creative spirit pushes me to realize crazy projects, and even if I “fall” I start again, I try otherwise, fall again and I focus even more because I believe in my talents, my strengths, my creativity … my magic !

I’m an artist & a creator of magic, eclectic & enigmatic heART! You are in a special place to discover my “Leles”, my clothing accessories that I created, and my profound passion for the dance.

Creativity …“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try”

- Dr. Seuss -


/What I do

Welcome to my special gallery where you will discover the “Leles” and the clothing-art accessories that I create, and my profound passion for the dance.


Creating my Leles is a real medicine for me. I learned to make them in prison. They are keeping me in Peace. Hundreds of my “International Lele” have already found new homes all over the world.

Modern Dance

Dance is my imaginary world. It’s another dimension to express my emotions & my voice on what our planet lives on a daily basis: love, empathy, war, peace … my body comes alive to the rhythms of the world.


My creativity is activated when I see and touch a piece of colored fabric. Everything becomes possible when people around me give me their used clothes. I recycle all fabrics & give new life to different fashion accessories.


Next Event: February 14, 2018 at La Tomatina – “Lele Love” Exposition from 5 to 8 p.m


(Camino a las Minitas No. 1953 , Lo De Marcos, Nayarit, México, 63729) 





/Projects done so far

Here are samples of the work I created. This will give you a good idea of my creative abilities and will help you to visualize a model (Lele and art accessories) that  will inspire you to order your very own, specially made from me . I invite you to contact me!


/The Journal

Feb 3

Hello and welcome to my heART World!

Hola ... Bienvenida! I am Maga,  an artist and a creator of magic, eclectic and enigmatic heART… and I'm very enthusiastic and excited to officially launch my new website and…

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/Get in touch with me

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