Lele -El violon

“Leles” are an inspiration that comes from the buried world of my imagination. More than collector’s items, they are characters that encapsulate ideas, dreams and stories. To be able to give life to my dolls, I have to break the rules…nothing frilly, cuddly or cute… Leles simply reflect life. By using recycled materials, I instantly create a unique and invaluable design. My Leles are not “girlie-girl” doll, nor a toy for a youngster. Leles are a one of a kind collector’s item, clad in delicately patterned stocking and garters on long shapely legs & arms – which can be crossed.

In this project, there are no limits and even if your idea is extravagant or controversial, it is a challenge that I would like to achieve. Be part of the fantasy and give life to a Lele!

Contact me to order your own customizable Lele!


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